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Welcome to the World of Pearl.

I imagined Pearl as a way to bring a little of our Lela Rose magic into the homes + lives of our favorite clients and to empower our Stylists to nurture their passion for fashion and engage their entrepreneurial spirit. 

The only thing I might love more than gorgeous clothes is putting on a party and spending time with good friends. Why not combine the two!? I hope you'll join me on this beautiful adventure.

the opportunity

Where do I start?

Right here with our online submission form!  From the submissions, each Pearl Stylist is handpicked and goes through a meet and greet process with our corporate team. She's set up for success in this way and we can assure that she is a great fit for our Pearl world.

In an effort to give our Pearl Stylist the ability to jump right in, we require a very minimal up front and continued investment. Because we've decided on her, and she's decided on us -she doesn't have to purchase large, costly sample sets; she is given use of our sample set seasonally to run her business.

The Business

Pearl Stylists run their own business independently and have very substantial earning opportunities. There are no teams, or ranks, or recruitment of friends. At Pearl we want our Stylists to have the ability to be an entrepreneur, with the support of a name in women's fashion that has been around for 20 years. Her business should suit her lifestyle. Pearl is simply about bringing gorgeous clothing and wonderful people together.

The Pearl Polish

Finally, when selected, our newly minted Pearl Stylist travels to NYC to meet with Lela and the team. We want to ensure that she has the chance to train properly and fully understand this incredible brand. She should feel confident after her trip and return home with new knowledge and friendships.

Fun parties and gorgeous clothing aside, Pearl by Lela Rose presents a real unique opportunity to invest in yourself, to hone your entrepreneurial skill set, and to take ownership of your professional power.

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